Saturday, June 23, 2012

QM2 Trans-Atlantic - Day Five

I had no interviews today.  We went too Breakfast in Princess Grill then I did a lot of photos and video around the ship.  For lunch we did something special that I enjoyed very much, and we ate in the Britannia Restaurant.  Wow, I love that room, it’s so grand and reminiscent of the old liners with a beautiful use of wood veneers, lighting and décor.   I enjoyed another plate of Fish N Chips.

We had a leisurely afternoon, I did a little more video.  I spent time blogging and loading some of my content onto my computer.  We stopped in to watch the Royal Academy actors perform Made in Venice, and I must say their performance was superb. 

We walked around the ship a bit then spent some time in our suite.  We heard an announcement from the Captain that a water pipe broke and so all the cold and hot water throughout the ship had to be shut off while it was repaired. 

Dinner was in the Princess Grill and as usual was very satisfying, particularly for me because it was lobster and seafood night.   Waiting for my main entrée I decided to get up and walk around the ship outside a bit….I just couldn't let the beautiful evening at sea with the sunset go to waste.  I think I was gone about fifteen minutes and completely enjoyed my little walk.  After my little walk I was ready for my main entrée.  The dessert was incredible!  As we were leaving the Princess Grill a little girl ran past us as her mother was standing at the entrance calling to her…it turns out she was running into the wrong restaurant, she was suppose to be in the Queens Grill on the other side.  It also turns out that this was the wife and little girl of the Prince of Abu Dhabi.   

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