Friday, June 22, 2012

QM2 Crossing - Day Four

QM2 Trans-Atlantic Crossing – Day Four

We started out the day this morning in the Canyon Ranch Spa. For about two hours we enjoyed a very relaxing time of water therapy in the Aqua-Thermal Pool, the Steam room and then we just relaxed on a lounge chair.  It was an absolutely beautiful and sunny day, not typical North Atlantic weather, so Terri and I spent some time on deck.  I made a visit to the dog kennels on deck 12 and watched the owners and their dogs play on their own deck space.  I think there are six dogs and six cats on this crossing.  Next on the agenda was lunch in the Princess Grill, which has been an exquisite experience.

I had an interview with the Production Manager today at 4:30 then at 5:30 I spent some time on the bridge of QM2 where I took a few pictures and made a short video.  After our visit to the bridge, I worked on more video content…this will be fun for those watching my videos, but I had a steward wheel me in a wheel chair as I held my video camera, all the way around Deck 7, which is where the boats and wrap-around open deck are located.  I think four times around this deck equals one mile.  It took the steward about four and half minutes to make the full circuit around Deck seven.  What I’ll do in my video is speed-up the film so the circumnavigation around Deck Seven can be experienced in about sixty seconds.

I then had some urgent business matters to attend to regarding Cruising Authority and some paper-work that I needed to email.  I asked for the assistance of our Concierge who was very helpful with several important emails and documents that needed to be sent immediately.  All of this business activity set me back about an hour, so we were a little late for dinner in the Princess Grill.   A very convenient element to dining in the Grills is that there is no first or second seating, each Grill passenger is assigned a table for the duration of the crossing, so there’s no rush to get in and out of the restaurant in time.  We have enjoyed the discussions among our neighboring tables and getting to know our fellow travelers.  After Dinner, Terri and I wandered through the ship. We sat for a while in the Queens Room to watch the dancers.   It was fun to watch the Dance Hosts seek out various female passengers for a dance to the big band orchestra.  The Queens Room is truly one of the most beautiful rooms afloat, and I think it still holds the title as having the largest dance-floor at sea.    

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