Wednesday, June 20, 2012

QM2 Crossing Day Three

Day Three onboard QM2 in Mid-Atlantic

This morning we decided to have breakfast in Princess Grill.  I had the Eggs Benedict which is one of my favorite morning-time meals.  I also had a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar.  My wife had an egg over-easy and bacon, along with her Sweet Tea.  One of our first evenings dining in Princess Grill I told the head waiter about the tea my wife prefers, and he said he would make for her a special brew just for her.  He has done a fantastic job creating my wife’s favorite drink…Sweet Tea, which is kind of a southern thing. 

After breakfast I had my first round of interviews with the Ship’s Hostess and the Entertainment Director.  Both interviews went fine and in a timely manner.  Next on the agenda for us was a special treatment in the Canyon Ranch Spas called the Rasul Ceremony.  It’s an ancient asian ritual where a man and a woman couple will spread exotic mud on each other, then sit in a steam bath, and finally rinse off the mud with a gentle rain or shower. In our Rasul Ceremony in the Canyon Ranch Spa, they had five different kinds of exotic mud in little dishes for us to use.  One was for the face, then another for the chest, arms, belly, and legs.  The idea is that the exotic mud detoxifies the body, and purifies the skin; It’s a fascinating experience for couples.  After our Rasul experience we hung out in the Aqua pool and sat in the steam room.  I’m a huge fan of steaming, and the steam room on QM2 is very nice, but I’m not a fan of the strongly scented eucalyptus oil that’s sprayed into the steam.  Some really like how the smell opens up the sinuses, but I prefer the pure and clean element of steam only.  Terri enjoyed the steam.  I told her it would make her skin feel better as the toxins come out, and you can loose a little bit of water weight by steaming. After our Spa experience we made our way up to Deck 11 aft and sat in the outdoor hot tub in an area reserved for Grill passengers.   

I still have not conducted any personal commentary as I want to do, but I still have some time to do that.  We ate lunch today in the Golden Lion Pub, and had their famous fish & chips, which was wonderful!  You need to ask for the malt, so if you’re on the QM2 and order the fish & chips, be sure to ask for some malt to go with the fish.  We went through immigration today which was extremely speedy, it took us about two minutes, then we were off to explore the ship a bit.

Today I also had an interview with Captain Christopher Wells, and surprised my wife with something very special.  After my interview with the Captain I made secret arrangements to renew my marriage vows with Terri, my wife of 15 years.  It was of course an enormous honor to have the Captain of the Queen Mary 2 conduct the renewal of our wedding vows.  For those who wish to marry onboard the Queen Mary it is now possible after a change in the ship’s registry from Southampton to Hamilton, Bermuda.  My wife was completely surprised when the Captain began to conduct this very special ceremony.  We have an official certificate signed by the Captain.   Our adventures on this Queen Mary 2 trans-Atlantic crossing continue!  Tonight we plan to dine in the Todd English Restaurant.     

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