Friday, June 15, 2012

Preparing for Two Famous Ocean Liners

Time is certainly clicking along and tomorrow my wife (Co-Host) and I depart for New York.  Last night, Lugless (FedX) picked-up our large piece of luggage and will deliver it directly to our hotel in New York.  This is such a fantastic way to travel, eliminating checked-bag fees at the airline, and dragging around a heavy piece of luggage through the airport.  This is an incredibly convenient service and for those who travel, contact Lugless and investigate for yourself how great this service is.

Today, (Friday) I will be busy making sure all my batteries for all my devices are charged and that I have all my cords and chargers and memory cards.  I'm also going to put all of the paper-work related to this trip in a file and pack it.  Last night I picked-up my Father-in-Law who will be staying with our son, Jacob, while we are gone.  I'm also going to get started with sales-calls regarding my Alaska cruise in August aboard the Oosterdam with Holland America Line.  Today, I'll also pack my carry-on.  For this trip, I'm not bringing my briefcase, because it's broken, so everything is going to be packed in my carry-on.  Today, I'll also work on my scripts and outline for my shooting schedule.

There is a lot to do when preparing for a trip like this.  It's a little different when a passenger is preparing for a crossing like this, as opposed to a Cruise Journalist.  Not that your usual passenger doesn't have a lot to do, along with some pre-vacation anxiety, as a Journalist pile onto of that all of the usual packing, planing and anxiety, but also the numerous variables related to filming, scripts, onboard interview schedules, time management while on the cruise and so much more.  Then after the cruise that's when I get very busy with editing hours of content into short, entertaining segments.      

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