Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Preparing for Queen Mary 2 Trans-Atlantic Crossing

I'm in the process of introducing somewhat of a new brand under Cruising Authority called The Cruise Journalist, and this series of programing onboard the Queen Mary 2 will be the first integration of this new brand.  I've also put a lot of thought into what I'm going to call this series of videos filmed aboard the Queen Mary 2 during a trans-Atlantic crossing.  A possible title is "Two Famous Ocean Liners".

This Queen Mary 2 crossing will be the culmination of effort that has been in-motion for at least three years.  Now we are only a few days from our departure out of Brooklyn & New York.  Queen Mary 2 departs Brooklyn on June 17th which is Father's Day!  What an incredible Father's Day that will be for me!  I am also preparing to do all I can to make this voyage a very relaxing and enjoyable experience for my wife Terri.

There are still some loose-ends to the final preparations for this crossing.  It's very tiring sometimes as I try to pull the massive-level of details together right up to the last couple of days prior to departure.  Some of those last-minute details include the completion of scripts for the six-episode video series, fine-tuning the arrangements with all the brands involved, packing, preparing the cameras and laptop computer and making sure I have enough computer and camera memory.  I've also been collecting data and historical information.  It makes my head spin to think of all the details involved with planning an epic trip like this, but more importantly planning for a successful media campaign that our current and potential audience will enjoy.

Subscribe to this blog because I will be updating and posting here during the crossing on QM2.  

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