Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today we are cruising the Inside Passage on our way to Ketchikan.  The sea is calm today, and the temp is around 60 degrees.  It was such a long day when we got up in Minneapolis at 6am and flew to Vancouver.  It was a fun day, but we ended up going to bed at 9:30pm because we were beat.  Of course because of the time different for us it was actually 11:30pm.  Dinner last night in the Compass Rose Restaurant was excellent!  The wait staff were perfect, as they greeted us, brought us to our table by the window, and gave us just the right amount of attention. 

My wife and I both had the fish, which was Alaska Rock Fish, kind of like a cod.  The breads were yummy…we must lay off the breads since we are watching our waistline during this cruise. Jacob had the pizza and enjoyed every bite.  We decided to order breakfast in our suite this morning.  We had scrambled eggs, juice and toast.  Before the breakfast arrived, however, I took Jacob down to the spa and we steamed and sat in the sauna, then went 

up to deck 11 to sit in the Jacuzzi and swim in the pool.  I must say that the pool was very nice. I thought the pool would be cold, but it was a nice temp.  After a little swim, Jacob and I went back to our suite and had our breakfast.

We introduced Jacob to the youth program this morning at 9:30. There are about 50 kids onboard that are between 6 and 8 years old, so Jacob should have fun making friends.  Terri and I are participating in somewhat of a challenge during this cruise to see if we can maintain or lose weight, so we weighed-in at about 11:00am this morning with the fitness person.

As my wife and I were walking around the ship this morning we noticed something very strange…it was very quiet everywhere we went.  There were very few planned activities. We did come across a cruise staff person hosting some sort of game with a handful of passengers, where they would throw some sort of dart at a net.  The observation lounge had about 30 people just sitting around quietly talking.  This morning the ship was buzzing, however with a lot of people exercising in the gym and walking around the decks.       

It will really be interesting to experience this cruise to Alaska.  All of the other cruises we have been on went to 

warm-weather destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico.  I’ve cruised all over, but never to Alaska.  Oh, I saw my first wale while cruising thru the Inside Passage...the scenery is absolutely beautiful!


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