Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tracy Arm Cruising

Day Three aboard the Oosterdam
Today Oosterdam cruise through Tracy Arm which was very scenic.  Unfortunately, my laptop had a complete hard drive failure, so I must resort to writing my blog from the Internet Cafe on Deck 10 forward.  I don't have much to post today because most of the day revolved around resting.  This Cruise Journalist gig can sometimes be tiring believe it or not.  The gentle movement of the ship doesn't help (that's a good thing by the way).  Why in the world would anyone come to Alaska?  The amazing scenery and the local culture which is rich. It's amazing that this whole world of glaciers and majestic mountains, and vast waterways are right in our backyard here in America.  I truly think an Alaska cruise is not for older people and their parents, Alaska has so much to offer families with kids and couples.  Also, for those who love the great outdoors, nature, wildlife, there's so much to offer. 

Day Four Juneau
Today we were in Juneau, and I went on a fascinating excursion to see the wales and an incredible glacier.  This is my second visit to Alaska by ship and the first time on a wale-watching adventure.  If you're a, what a great opportunity to take amazing photos of the wales.  As I am typing this someone just shouted "There's a Wale"!  Everyone in the Crows nest lounge ran to the port side of the ship to see the wale...funny!  I think I can feel the ship list a bit as people scramble to see the wale.  Anyways, back to my blog.  We took a small 50 foot boat out to a popular site where the humpback wales are known to swim around, and we were not dissappointed.  There were at least five wales spouting off and flipping their giant tale in the air as they dive.  Their blowhole shoots water into the air at the rate of about 300 miles an hour, kind of like when a person sneezes, it's the same thing with wales as they exhale.  Sorry I can't share any photos at the moment, but because of my laptop crash, I'll have to wait till I get home to post the numerous photos, I've taken in the last few days.  After our boat ride to see the wales, we went to Mendenhall Glacier and a nature walk where we did see a small bear.  It's really amazing to see people on these tours go so wild over seeing a wild animal. 

I post more about life onboard the Oosterdam later.  The food by the way has been glorious!


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