Monday, August 17, 2009

We Leave for China on Wednesday!

There is so much to plan for when you go on an epic journey like we are about to take to China. We had to of course have our passports, we had to get visas for China, we had to get shots, and plan for someone to watch our son while we are gone.  We also purchased travel insurance which is important especially when traveling to another country on the other side of the globe.  As the Host of Cruising Authority, I made sure I had the latest cameras and audio / video equipment so I can produce the best possible photo and video reviews.  Because Cruising Authority is primarily an audio program, I got the coolest digital audio recorder to record interviews and commentary. Check out this cool device I got for recording audio.  We bought a new suitcase for this trip. I wanted one of those hard-shell suitcases, but my wife didn't think we should spend $260 bucks so I compromised with her and we did get a Samsonite that has a hard-shell bottom, but a soft cover.   Couple things I still need to get are a hip-pack to keep my passport and money, so it's always with us, and a travel alarm clock.  

We are bringing the best possible vitamins and supplementation to make sure we stay healthy and are feeling good during the trip.  We're taking a great multi-vitamin called Double X, and a decent Omega 3 supplement, also a Glucosamine to keep our joints healthy and feeling good considering all the walking we will be doing.  To keep our digestive tract healthy we are taking what's called IntestiFlora 7 which helps boost our immune system, considering the unique foods we may eat while in China.  All of these supplements are manufactured by Nutrilite, a company that invented the multi-vitamin over 70 years ago and has perfected the formula over the years. All of these supplements that Nutrilite produces come from plant compounds that are grown in their own fields to strict & meticulous standards.  Email me at if you are interested in the Nutrilite products.

I'm going to purchase a special domain name for this trip to make it easier for people to follow us on this trip,  during and after we return.  The domain name is: 

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