Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dog Sledding in Alaska

I screwed up and didn't blog every single day, in fact I got so busy during this cruise on the Seven Seas Mariner with interviews and excursions that I just didn't get in there to write in my blog.  So for all those who have followed this blog, my deepest apologies.  During our visit to Juneau, Alaska, I took my family on the helicopter and dogsledding adventure, and boy was it an adventure!  Climbing into that helicopter and hovering over the top of mountains and glaciers was spectacular to say the least. Then after we landed on top of the mountain where the dog sled camp was, it was very exciting to meet our dog sled guide and see the dogs in action pulling our sleds.   It's funny, when we were at the heliport in Juneau, they told us we had to put on these boots over our shoes, and since I live in Minnesota, and we are no strangers to snow, I thought, I didn't need these boots, cause in Minnesota, I walk around in my tennis shoes all the time in the snow.  Well, it's a good thing I put on those boots, cause the snow up there was DEEP in some places and you would sink up to your knee.  Of course we had a blast dog sledding, and my son will remember the dog sled adventure for many years to come.  After our sledding, we had a chance to meet the dogs which was fun.  Then we boarded the helicopter again, and flew over the mountains back to Juneau....wow.  My wife and I were trying to figure out which excursion was more exciting, the dolphin encounter in Roatan, or the Dogsled adventure in Juneau.  I think the dog sled adventure with the helicopter ride is the winner!   You can listen to the dog sled adventure on my show here:  Cruising Authority - Seven Seas Mariner Episode ONE

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